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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns:

If a dental defect is so big, that an inlay or an onlay cannot come in question for static reasons, so is this the indication for a dental crown

Partial crowns are restorations made of metal or ceramics. Unlike inlays partial crowns cover all cusps of the chewing surface. With the help of the partial crown, the teeth can get their original, natural form back. During this treatment already fixed caries damages or too big fillings are "over crowned". All-metal crown: a not faced, all-metallic crown is the most stable and easiest form of new dental crowns (See picture below under dental crowns before). Ceramics with metallic core: Your demand for aesthetics and bio-compatibility, colours that do not fade for many years and long-term stability are satisfied. Ceramics is chewing pressure stable and is firmly connected with the metal framework. Metal-free crown: for visible areas individual crowns free of metal, made of ceramics only, can be produced. Through its high transparency achieve ceramic crowns in the frontal and canine area utter colouring of natural tooth enamel.

Dental Clinic in Hungary Dental Clinic in Hungary

Before and After

All-metal dental crowns:

Golden is the material of choice, long-term clinical experience practically excludes any side effects. Golden is not only timeless and elegant but also a material the precise processing of which is mastered by the dental technician. Many golden inlays and golden crowns are in the mouth for 15 years or longer. They are produced so that they fit into the chewing surface of the opposing tooth precisely and delivered high gloss polished.

The dentist fixes inlays and dental crowns with time-proven dental cement. Thin edges of fillings assure perfect border seals which give bacteria and rest of food the slightest chance. Golden alloy has the feature of making optimisation of edges possible later on.

Dental Clinic in Hungary

An all-metal crown - thanks to its material characteristics - is still the most stable dental crown, however, nowadays they are rather only used in the background side area. All-metal crowns can be produced in different alloys. As these crowns stay in the mouth for a long time we usually recommend patients to choose alloys containing a high amount of golden. The disadvantage of metallic dental crowns is the lack of aesthetics and high sensitivity to temperature.

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Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crown:

Dental Clinic in HungaryPatients nowadays are longing for more and more aesthetic, optimal filling materials matching the original tooth colour. A filling that is fully matching in colour with the natural teeth is the wish of most patients. A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown has a metallic core which is faced either with plastic or ceramics. Facing with plastic can only be used on the side area of the crown but cannot be used on the chewing surface as it is too smooth and therefore wears away really soon. Another disadvantage is discolouring. Crowns faced with plastic are used in our dentistry as long-term temporary replacements.

With the material porcelain the requirement of colour match and transparency can be realized. Ceramics is a powder which mixed with humidity can be used as a paste and in the end burnt to porcelain. Dental crowns with ceramic facing are aesthetically satisfying and are difficult to differentiate from natural teeth.

The chemical mass is burnt onto the framework whereby it links with the metallic basis firmly. Further costs for ceramic facing are compensated by the humble use of noble metal.

Dental Clinic in Hungary Dental Clinic in Hungary

Before and After

The galvanic crown:

The so called galvanic technique combines the advantages of supplying golden and ceramic. A razor-thin layer of purest golden which is layered directly onto the tooth during a process of cutting golden which ensures the optimally precise tightness of the edges. This is covered with a ceramic layer in the end. This layer based on the thin golden layer makes the individual colouring of the teeth possible and therefore ensures really aesthetic end result.

Dental Clinic in Hungary

Fully ceramic crowns:

A fully ceramic crown is free of metal and is mostly used with particularly critical patients as bio-compatible ceramics highly satisfy the demand for aesthetics. Fully ceramic crowns cannot be topped aesthetically. A fully ceramic dental crown is, however, really time-consuming to produce and belongs to the top achievements of modern dentistry and dental technicians.

A dental crown made of ceramics is aesthetically perfect!

Dental bridges:

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To be able to avoid further loss of teeth when having tooth gaps - so that teeth do not kip into the gaps or cannot grow into the gap from the opposing jaw - in most cases dental bridges are created. To achieve this, it is essential to have stabile teeth to mark off these gaps from the sides. As in the case of individual crowns you can choose from different types of bridges: fully poured bridges, fully faced ceramic bridges, partially faced bridges or in the case of smaller partial bridges metal-free.

Dental Clinic in HungaryDental Clinic in Hungary

Before and After

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